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5 Experience-Dining Restaurants in Bangalore

The best thing about Bangalore is its grand reputation in the food and wine industry across the country. The city deserves to boast of luxury dining with food available from all over the world. Along with the cosmopolitan culture and high purchasing power of some of its residents, Bangalore has given birth to several noteworthy restaurants.

With lovely theme-based region-focused cuisine at every corner, the city has no dearth of ‘experience-dining’ for its takers. Following are 5 of the not-to-be-missed ‘experience creating’ restaurants for epicureans who think of dining as an art!

Alba – JW Marriott

Alba at JW Marriott is a uniquely designed, romantic Italian restaurant. With Chef Antonello Cancedda and his team, Alba has several hand crafted dishes to offer. Everything here is cooked in-house with the fresh produce on order. Besides good food, the restaurant takes pride in showcasing its distinctive décor which definitely is another reason to celebrate a special occasion here.

What to Experience? – Choose Alba for an ardent dinner date not missing the lasagna or Chef Antonello Cancedda playing ‘La Bamba’ on his guitar.

Edo Restaurant & Bar - ITC Gardenia

Edo at Gardenia is an undeniably lavish Japanese restaurant with set menus between Rs.8000 and Rs.12000 for two. However, for the experience it brings, you might just ignore the moolah factor. With a team of highly proficient and knowledgeable staff who know precisely what they are doing, Edo will bring the elegant dining of Japan to your table.

What to Experience? – Come to Edo with an open mind; I would strongly recommend opting for the Kaiseki style 8 course meal, be it Nara, Kyoto or Tokyo and let the Chef surprise you for the evening!

High Ultra Lounge

430 feet above the ground Ultra High is apparently the highest lounge in the South of India, giving you stunning bird eye views of west Bangalore whilst dining on Asian cuisine,  sipping custom-made cocktails. Watching bartenders fuse your drinks is again a treat for the eyes. Chef Hao Zhang and his team will absolutely delight you with culinary fragilities.

What to Experience?- Reserve a table on a full moon night and sip a glass of Long Island, eating platters of Vietnamese summer rolls and not missing the Banoffee Pie to end your meal!

Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs - ITC Windsor

Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs is an artistically designed restaurant within ITC Windsor which best manifests luxury Indian fine dining in an imperial setting. The menu may seem minimal at first, but the chef and his team are known to tailor the menu when needed. Cherry-picking the spices and adapting to a slow cooking technique makes each of their dishes very exclusive to the place.

What to Experience?- Walk in with your family on a weekend and experience their regal service and their signature Biryanis and Kebabs or the Warqi Parathas with Subzi Milouni

The Glass House - Deli Bistro Bar

Deli Lounge with ‘glassy’ indoors and ‘greeny’ outdoors along with a rooftop bar, the Glass House has an endless list of global food and drinks to propose to its guests. Besides conveying a delightful palate, they are well known for food presentation and the desserts here are a monogram to the entire experience. The restaurant also has sequestered seating for private parties.

What to Experience? – Start with a Daiquiri or a Cosmopolitan and continue with a perfect 4 course meal to understand their epicurean magnificence under the spectacular ambiance.


Aarti Kamath is an IT Consultant by profession. She is also a Lacto-Vegetarian food Critic and an avid traveler. She blogs about food and travel snippets on her website routenext.com