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50 Shades of Grape


Enoteca By Madhuloka is not only about drinking or buying wine but knowing wine. And qualified people, like sommeliers, are on hand to talk to patrons.

There was a simpler time when the choice of wine we had in India was red or white. And, for the undecided, there was rosé, (which looked suspiciously like someone poured three parts of white into one part of red).

Now, a culture to the drinking of wine has taken root in all of Bangalore’s polite society. And as the choice of wines in shops and restaurants grows, Bangaloreans are left thirsting for knowledge.

And that drove KS Lokesh - who owns the Madhuloka liquor boutique chain - to open Enoteca, (which, in Italian, simply refers to place where you can drink wine or buy it).

In Lokesh’s hands, Enoteca is more than that. Recognizing the need for a map to navigate a perplexity of wine cellars, Enoteca offers up a rather wholesome experience at their outlet located on Sarjapur Road, centred around tasting.

The place is nice on the senses… oak barrels, the refracted vista of wine glasses and that full-bodied smell of wine all cue the rusticity of the Italian country.

But importantly there are the experts. They are on hand to guide the prospective oenophile to make informed decisions while buying wine, whether as gifts, for special occasions or if only to find out what pairs well with pizza. There’s interesting stuff to be learned on the history, and production of wine from sommeliers and wine concierge services.

Enoteca is also available as a destination for corporate events, and they even have a library and a mini-theatre to accompany the wine tasting.

KS Lokesh told Explocity, “We aspire to completely change the wine and dine experience of Bangalore city. With the availability of more than 600 international and domestic wine labels, Bangalore has a great potential to be a wine city.”

Enoteca’s workshops are gaining popularity. There’s the ‘Know Your Wine’ half-day event that teaches people wine tasting basics.

And coming soon, Club Enoteca, a private club for wine lovers. Watch this space.

Enoteca By Madhuloka, #5, 1st Floor, MGR Complex, Kaikondrahalli,
Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore