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A Peanut Butter and Jelly Bao?


The Fatty Bao unleashes a new menu - naughty and chic are some words to describe it, but we’re going to let the food do the talking.

Picture a bed of Soba noodles with chilli beef. Picture a platter of steamed baby scallops with Fujiko butter. Picture a Gyoza stuffed wild mushroom and spinach. And that’s just the tip of what is a very delicious iceberg indeed.

The Bao has already made quite a mark on the Bangalore food map with their edgy style. Manu Chandra's restaurant is not shy about mixing things up. The new menu brings more surprises, slowly making the restaurant an absolute favourite. Dining here is not just about the food: the decor is quirky, the tableware is enviable and the service is happy.

Some of the highlights of the small eats are the Miso Eggplant Open Bao, the Stir Fried Pork Neck and the Spicy Salmon And Dill Sushi. Other dishes which we made a note of are Mackerel With Chilli Caramel Sauce, Vietnamese Sugarcane Chicken, Duck Pizza and the titular Fatty Bao Pb&J - Twice cooked pork belly, first slow braised then crisped to order with Mustard Miso jam. Yum.

The desserts are equally inventive - Green Tea Chiffon Cake and Lemon Grass Creme Brulee. The cocktail menu has also been appended with heady drinks like the Hello Moto! (Absolut Vanilla, Absolut Pepper, Fresh Melon and Cardamom) and the Green Kimono (Absolut Pepper, Fresh Pineapple, Blended with Curry Leaves and Lemongrass).

Chef Prasanth, the executive chef told Explocity, “We focused a lot on the small plates. People want to try different things and share their food with each other. More room for adventure. We have added more vegetarian options in the menu as well.”


The Fatty Bao, 610, 3rd Floor, 12th Main, Off 80 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore