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A Video Guide To Thandai

Many of us who live south of the Tropic of Cancer aren’t completely sure what thandai is and are in need of a guide to thandai. Is that the marijuana drink that Bollywood actors drink in their songs? No that’s Bhang. So that you don’t mix them up and accidently drug yourself, here is a simple guide to thandai.

Literally translated, thandai is Hindi for cold stuff. A cool drink in this case. The drink is made with milk, spices and nuts. None of these sound cooling or seem appropriate for the hot summer months, but thandai is drunk in the hot summer month around the festival of Holi.

Thandai is popular and especially in this season because it is an energy drink. The ingredients of milk, saffron, spices, and nuts all contribute to giving one energy as the mercury levels rise.

The Bhang version of this is with hemp oil that gives men an excuse to be handsy during Holi. While women are taking over the conversation and putting an end to that, the tradition of thandai doesn’t need to end. Here’s a recipe of how to make it at home. Keep it in the fridge to make this a coolant.