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All Of My Favourite Restaurants

Food is to be experimented with. It is to be enjoyed in its many many forms, without any inhibitions whatsoever. My list of places to eat at is a bow to all those chefs who have dared to introduce Bangalore to a new style of eating.

Fine dining: Oko, the Lalit Ashok
In a culture that glorifies Chow Mein over Glass Noodles, Oko doesn't Indianize it's food in any way. Sometimes, things should be had the way they were meant to be had. Recommended: Their truffle dishes, and quite surprisingly, their mocktails.

Asian fare: Teppan
Another Asian restaurant on the list, solely because of its live grill. What a beautiful sight it is to see your food simmering and sizzling right in front of you. If the sight weren't enough, the smell would be enough to make you hungry. Teppan is a feast for the senses. Recommended: Anything that is being served hot.

Watering hole: High Ultra Lounge
This place is very high in every sense of the word. The place is on the tallest building in Bangalore, the drinks are unique and the food is lovely. Great place for a summer evening. Mind you, it is fairly high and heavy on the pocket too, so it is probably a place for special occasions.
Recommended: The Rose Water Martini

Best Takeaway restaurant: Manjit ka Dhaba
This place is not for a sit down meal. There is no ambience. What it does have is take away options that are light on the tummy and lighter on the pocket. Soft Rotis like mom made them? Yep, they're here.
Recommended: Phulkas and palak paneer.

Best all rounder: Caperberry
Now this one is a heavily biased opinion, simply because I love the idea that people decided that chemistry and food are a good pair, because they are! Caperberry is the only restaurant in Bangalore that practises molecular gastronomy. Fruit caviar, emulsified oils, deconstructed dishes, they have it all.
Recommended: the Mango-Ginger Spheres, and any dessert with the olive oil creme in it.

Hasita Krishna lives to eat. Her love for food has led her to explore the domain of molecular cooking as well. She is an active blogger on social media.