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An Ocean Of Food: The Lobster Fest At Movenpick

Lobsters from across the globe (apparently the tastes vary from ocean to ocean and region to region) will be available at the Moevenpick. It’s the Lobster Fest from June 15.
As with most lobster meals (barring the Bisque) you order a la carte and the hotel’s gastronome, Chef Arun, will flavour the crustacean by your choice, to your taste.
There’s a “buffet” of choice of other seafood and it features prawns, oysters, octopus and squid. Not matter what you choose - nipper, barnacle, crustacean or decapod - the chefs will cook it for you in the manner of Continental, Indian or Asian cuisine. Given the Bangalorean predilection for diverse taste all at once, maybe one of each per cuisine.
The restaurant says it will feature a “special beverage menu to pair with the finest catch of the ocean”.
We hope that’s a roundabout way of saying “wine list”.
My Place is located at Mӧvenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore and is priced at Rs 1999 plus taxes per person