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Arabian Nights in Bangalore

Any loyal Bangalorean remembers Barbeque Nation fondly as the place to be on a Sunday afternoon for their buffet. The restaurant is bringing it back by introducing the Arabian food festival - Wahrabia Feast.

The menu of Barbeque Nation has evolved over the years a lot. In an interview with Explocity, Chef Vijay Bakshi said, “Year after year, additional variety with varied cuisines were the prime focus. Starters got diversified into chargrilled, tandoor cooked and pan seared. Additionally, healthier options with light spices and variety in vegetables found place on the menus. Sugar free, eggless and low carb, low calorie items were added on the menus.”

This new food festival aims to treat the guests like royalty with the flavours from the lands of Arabia. This exotic cuisine, though familiar to our palate, is also starkly different. Their focus is on dry spices, kebabs and fresh salads. Chef’s menu is a good glimpse into the cuisine.

Some of our favourites from the menu include Jujeh Kebab (grilled chunks of chicken), Rubian Meshwi (chargrilled prawn), Arabian Kafta Lamb Seekh, Farareej el Fahem and Dabel Kebab. Also on the menu are vegetarian preparations such as Curried Chickpeas, Afelia Batata, Falafal Pita Roll, Sheesh Kudra, and Zucchini Fasigratin.

For dessert opt for some classics like Baklava, Muhallabieh, Kataif Mihshi or the moreish Date pastry.

Available at At Barbeque Nation’s seven outlets in Bangalore