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Bangalore Kids Gear Up For Spelling Bee

Explocity Private Limited is bringing to the city, its first "spelling bee".

Following the example of the famous spelling bee in the US, The Explocity 1st Annual Spelling Bee will be held on December 8, 2013 is open to all schools in the city, but students between the ages of 13 and 16 are eligible to apply for a wild card entry, by getting on the official event site and on Facebook.

The "Bee" is designed to promote aptitude and excellence among school children in a fun environment, designed, in the words of Ramjee Chandran, Explocity CEO and Editor-in-Chief, "to make nerdism cool."

The event allows the brightest kids, with the best command of the language to showcase their skills. It will also display how one can deduce the spelling of any word, based on etymology, meaning or part of speech.

Speaking to the press, Chandran also said, "One cannot emphasise the importance of communication, especially in an increasingly borderless world. And the one ingredient for competence in communication is being articulate and evocative in language. In India, our succeeding generations should not lose their ability to communicate in excellent English and enjoy the advantages the previous generations did. The Explocity 1st Annual Spelling Bee 2013 is one way by which we expect that speaking well becomes cool.  This is the first of an annual event and in years to come, we want open the Spelling Bee to students across India."

This year, the title sponsor for The Explocity 1st Annual Spelling Bee 2013 will be the Embassy Group, a leading Indian property developer with a presence across commercial, residential and retail. The company also has a strong focus on education development through Stonehill - its full IB school, Embassy India Riding School and several education focused community initiatives.

Jitendra Virwani, Chairman and Managing Director of Embassy Group said, "We are delighted that Explocity is conducting The Explocity 1st Annual Spelling Bee 2013 and Embassy Group is delighted to be its title sponsors. We believe in education and we are involved in several education initiatives. With the first Indian Spelling Bee contest, our objective is to contribute towards the interesting task of shaping the next generation in India. We think that contests such as these will not only provide a platform for students to challenge their knowledge and skill of the language, but also boost the academic talent across all levels among schoolchildren."

More information about the Explocity 1st Annual Spelling Bee 2013 is available on the website and on Facebook.