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Bangalore University Has An Answer To The Water Crisis

With the possibility of a water crisis looming over the city, the government and BWSSB are looking into ways in which the same can be avoided, or circumvented. Bangalore University, however, has taken the first step towards addressing what could be possibly be the city's worst ever water crisis by tapping the sewage water from the Vrishabhavati river, which flows through its  campus.

At a recent syndicate meeting, the university decided to tap the sewage water, treat it and use it for non-potable purpose so that dependence on Cauvery and borewells is reduced to a large extent. At this syndicate meeting, it was also decided that an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) be signed with Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) to utilise Vrishabhavati water.

KSPCB has already installed a water treatment plant which is treating 20 MLD (million litres per day). The board is using only 3 MLD of water and releasing the remaining 17 MLD of water back into the Vrishabhavati. The pollution board will make arrangements to pump out 17 MLD of water to the university’s campus. It will build check dams, create water harvesting pits and allow treated water to flow to the campus. The water is expected to recharge the ground water as well.

Source: Bangalore Mirror