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Bao Festival At Fatty Bao

There is a bao festival at Fatty Bao called #BaoWow. Being the first to serve open baos in India, Fatty Bao now introduces Bao Hot Dogs and Bao Sliders to their menu for the festival from 16 March to 2 April, 2017.
The menu created by Executive Chef Prashanth features Pumpkin Bao, Crispy Beet Patty Bao Slider, Bao Wow Hot Dog, Grilled Prawn Cake Bao Slider, Sheng Jian Bao and dessert baos.
About the Bao Wow Hot Dog, it is made with chicken sausages, lemongrass, chilli and roasted garlic and served with mustard barbecue mayo and sweet potato floss.
The Bao Sliders are the vegetarian, Crispy Beet Bao Patty and non-vegetarian Grilled Prawn Cake Bao Slider. The vegetarian version is with yuzu, cream cheese sauce, tamarind glaze, pickled fennel and scallions. The grilled prawn version is with chilli oysters, bell peppers, bonito mayo, pickled cucumbers and roasted fujiko.
The open bao varieties are Pumpkin Bao, Lamb Rendang Bao and Malaysian Seremban Siew Pau.
For dessert there is fried bao with matcha ice-cream, pistachio and strawberries.
The Root to Fruit cocktails are available for order with this menu.
This menu for two without alcohol will cost an average of Rs 1600 plus taxes. With alcohol the price is Rs 2500 plus taxes for two.
What: #BaoWow festival

Where: The Fatty Bao

When: 16 March to 2 April, 2017