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Brands That Celebrate Women

The food industry has been far behind in supporting women. Which is why movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo have taken a stand to call out the management of establishments. Movements like these demand minimum wage of the management and equal pay for equal work. Seems simple enough of an ask.

Once a year, at least, notice is taken when brands that celebrate women celebrate International Women’s Day make women all over the world feel empowered.

Making the workplace an environment that is safe for women is what brands are starting to stand for quite vociferously. You may argue that it's about time, but you may also flip the coin to find that it's never too late.

Let's hope these are not just marketing gimmicks but the movements will have long lasting effects to bring equality to women not just in Hollywood or the food industry, but across each and every industry.

Check out how McDonald’s is going to have you say, “Pa, da, pa, pa, pum, I’m lovin’ it.