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Bringing Diwali To The 21st Century At Khandani Rajdhani

Diwali is about firecrackers, family and food. Oh yeah, it’s also about Rama and Sita ending their 14-year exile, but that is myth for us. So we celebrate by gifting, eating good food and taking time off from work. Khandani Rajdhani offers you a Diwali outside of home but with your loved ones. You just don’t have to do the dishes after. The Diwali specials continues till 1 November, 2016.
The Diwali thali features dishes whose recipes have been passed on for generations. The dishes include Mewa Lapsi, Kesari Corn Baati with Jharifalla Churna, Basundi, Rasiya Muthiya, Paneer Llfata, Anjeer Puranpoli, Bikaneri Gatte Ki Sabzi are some of the specials on the plate.
This thali meal is available for lunch as well as dinner.
At Khandani Rajdhani Bangalore outlets below. The thali prices are also mentioned:
Orion Mall
Weekdays- Rs.425 Lunch & Rs.495 Dinner
Weekend- Rs.495 Lunch & Dinner

Indiranagar, J.P. Nagar, Mantri Square & Royal Meenakshi Mall
Weekdays- Rs.350 Lunch & Rs.415 Dinner
Weekend- Rs.425 Lunch & Dinner

The Forum Value Mall & Phoenix MarketCity
Weekdays- Rs.400 Lunch & Rs.475 Dinner
Weekends- Rs.475 Lunch & Dinner