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Burger Fest At My Place, Movenpick Hotel

The Burger Fest at Movenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore is a colour fest with colourful burger buns from black and green to pink.
The menu created by Executive Chef Rayomund includes burgers like Bangalore Black Jack, which is a charcoal black sesame bun, pork sausage, salami, over easy eggs, homemade garlic mayo and bacon. The Rooster Booster is a toasted flax seed bun, romaine lettuce, over easy eggs and grilled chicken. Pink Peri has a pink poppy seed bun with peri peri crumbed fish fillet, tartare, fried egg and black olives.
There are also many vegetarian options like Between The Breads which is a green Japanese matcha bun with a filling of Cheddar, potatoes and spinach patty, homemade mayo, iceberg lettuce and plum tomatoes. Infested Shrooms features a mushroom focaccia bun, creamy portobello, porcini, button mushrooms, melted Brie, grilled leeks, iceberg lettuce and sliced white onions.
They also have an option for vegans and those off gluten. The Sin-City is made with gluten free buns made from avocado with a classic bean burger, tomato and tabasco salsa and iceberg lettuce.
This menu is available till 30 September, 2016. The price for two at the festival is approximately Rs 1200.
At My Place, Movenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore