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Burma Burma: A Restaurant So Nice They Named It Twice

The latest wave to hit the already flooded Indiranagar is Burma Burma. No points for guessing the cuisine. But Burma Burma scores points for being a quiet, family restaurant in the once completely residential area.

Burma (now Myanmar) was once part of the British colonisation of the Indian subcontinent. So you will find that a big part of the cuisine has a lot of similarities with Indian comfort food. Which is why this has become the friendliest family restaurant in the neighbourhood. You can take your parents there as well as your girlfriends. Maybe don’t take them together since mummy-girlfriend is not an advised dinner pairing. The fact that it is a tea room that doesn’t serve alcohol is also what makes this restaurant more likely to stick in the residential craw.

The restaurant serves the well known - albeit the only known food of the region - Khao Suey. Did you know there are different variations of the Khao Suey? The restaurants serves them all. The Oh No Khao Suey is their signature variety that, quite frankly, makes you go “oh yes”.

Burma Burma: A Restaurant So Nice They Named It Twice

But the dish that the restaurant is trying to own as their signature is the tea leaf salad. Myanmar is a big tea producing and drinking nation. It helps that they border Assam which is known for its tea. The Burmese use the tea in more creative ways, the delicious tea leaf salad being one of them.

Burma Burma will also be an all ages hit because of how similar the cuisine is to Indian food. With dishes like the Samosa Soup which hit the spot with the tanginess and spices as well as the fact that a samosa is dunked in it. Makes for familiar named food on the menu.

Burma Burma: A Restaurant So Nice They Named It Twice

Don’t skip the desserts. Oriental desserts are a bit dicey with their use of jellies and sometimes even Rajma. But at Burma Burma even the desserts are done just right. Not too sweet and not too weird. Borrowing a few European techniques (probably because they are better known for their patisseries and baking techniques) there are items like Coconut Panna Cotta. It’s served with Palm Sugar Caramel which is intrinsically Asian. The avocado ice cream has no frills but hits just the spot.

Oh, and we forgot to mention, it’s a completely vegetarian menu. But that hardly seems to matter.

Burma Burma, 607, Ground Floor, 12th Main, Hal 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore.