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BWSSB Turning Open-canals Into Pipelines

BWSSB converting two canals into pipelines to reduce loss due to evaporation.

The two-kilometer long canals located between Shiv Anecut and Netkal Balancing Research, near Talakad, are among four channels that tap into the Cauvery river to feed a pumping station at Torekadanahalli. The other two channels are in the form of pipelines.

Built 40 years ago, they supply 200 cusecs of water everyday, while the two pipelines supplies 400 cusecs.

A senior engineer of BWSSB stated, "The two open canals supply water to our pumping station at Torekadanahalli by gravitational force. However, as per our observations, a lot of water is lost through evaporation, especially in summer. On an average, 50 to 75 cusecs of water is lost every year due to evaporation and seepage. To cut this lost, we have decided to convert these open canals into pipelines. Even saving a small quantity of water is worth this effort, considering the shortage we faced in May this year. We took up the project in 2013 and work is likely to be completed by August this year."

Half of the Rs.81 - crore project is funded by the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC).

Source: Bangalore Mirror