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Chef Kunal Kapur Loves Karavalli

Chef Kunal Kapur.

Celebrity chef
Share one tip for healthy eating everyday

The one most important tip for healthy eating is to eat simple and fresh food.

What is your comfort food?

There is this thing that Punjabi households make, called Choori. Basically hot rotis are topped with ghee and sugar and hand-torn and scrunched up. This is the most comforting food of all. Infact, I even introduced this as a dessert in the show, My Yellow Table. I always love to eat after a long day.

Do you remember the first ever dish you prepared?

I don’t remember that clearly but as per my mom it was tea that I had first prepared for the family. That was my first lesson in cooking.

What is one popular food that you just don't like?

The one popular food that I don’t like is Kachori. For me it’s a way too heavy. The dough is made with ghee/oil and it is fried on slow heat and hence it absorbs a lot of oil. Every time I have to eat one it proves to be very heavy.

Which is your favourite restaurant? 

My favourite restaurant is Karavalli in Bangalore and my favourite chef is Jamie Oliver; I love the way he cooks and talks.