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Chef Rehman At The Square Reveals The Secrets Of Awadhi Food

The people of Awadh regions are known for their part of their Mehman nawazi or hospitality.” Chef Rehman at The Square told Explocity. “Awadh’s history can be traced all the way back to the ancient hindu epic, The Ramayana. As per the belief, name “ Awadh” came from Lord Ram’s capital Ayoudhya presently known as “Faizabad” in Uttar Pradesh district. However, it was only when The Mughals look over in the 16th century that Awadh became better known for its cuisine and culinary skills.”

The Mughals perfected the Dum Pukht style of preparing food by cooking it in sealed pots on a slow flame which has now become synonymous with Lucknow today. At the Square, Chef is hosting a Jashn-e-Awadh food festival and has made a menu celebrating the cuisine.

The menu has specials like Paya Poti Shorba, Bhune Badam Ka Shorba and an array of kebabs - Galawati Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Majlisi Kebab, Murgh Barrah. The mains are Dhuli Urad Ke Asharfi, Arvi Anjeer Kebab,Dhungara Paneer, Aatish Khumb, Chutpate Aloo.

Bong Zafrani Nehari, Dum Ka Gosht, Baluchi Gosht, Kachi Machli Ka Salan, Lagan Ka Murgh, Murgh Awadhi Korma, Ahamri Murgh, Nasheela Jheenga. For the veg main course we recommend the Mutter Paneer, Paneer Dopyaza, Kheere Tamater Ke Subzi, Nawabi Baigan Bhurta, Parwal Lajawab, Gobhi Musullum and Aloo Katli. They are served with a variety of rice like Gosht Dum Pulao, Yakhni Pulao, Murgh Muttur Pulao, Sheesh Pulao, Subziyon Ke Tahiri,

For dessert try the Anannas Halwa, Nawabi Yaquti, Sheer Khurma, Sewiyon Ka Muzaffar, Mirchi Ka Halwa.

Chef has a lot of respect for the cuisine, “These culinary wizards knew just the right blend of ingredients to achieve the right flavours. The Awadhis, proud connoisseurs of their cuisine, look immense joy in treating their guest to local gourmet delicacies. We are carrying forward this regal Awadhi style of hospitality.”


12 - 21 April, Lunch and dinner , 1250 Rs per head,

The Square, Novotel Bengaluru Techpark, Opposite RMZ Ecospace Business Park,

Marathahalli - Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru