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Chef Rohan Beliappa Does Vegan Right

Chef Rohan Beliappa

I & Monkey

The restaurant is hosting a Vegan Food Festival. Explocity caught up with chef.


What’s a couscous burger?

Couscous is a grain that is made from durum wheat. It originated in North Africa and is usually prepared alongside a vegetable stew. We have taken the concept of couscous and created a patty out of it. It will be served as a patty in a burger alongside a Moroccan based dipping sauce.


Even though vegetarianism is popular in India, do people follow veganism?

Although India does follow vegetarianism, veganism is still unknown and new. India is the largest producers of milk in the world and vegetarian Indian diet is highly influenced by milk products. There is however a trend appear, more of a lifestyle choice by people that also want to change their eating habits.


What inspired you to do this menu?

We wanted to challenge ourselves and move away from our comfort zone of cooking meat and try to be as creative as possible. We also do get a lot of guests who avoid meat. It’s a chance for them to try something inventive and different.


Are there desserts? Tell us about them.

We have a fresh fruit tart & a homemade coconut & strawberry sorbet.

Describe your favourite dish from the menu.

My favourite dish would be the grilled tofu. It's a delicate dish with strong flavours and it's also beautifully plated.


Vegan Food Festival at I & Monkey, 12th main,  Indiranagar, Bangalore