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Citizens Donate Hair For Cancer

15 females and one male donated hair to show their solidarity for the cause of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, for the first time, on Sunday. While the females donated part of their hair, the young male went completely bald.

The solidarity was part of a campaign called “Hair for Hope – India” which is a subsidiary of Protect your Mom Campaign.

Nishant Priya, a young engineer from Hebbal, who went bald, said, “When I had gone to the hospital with my aunt who is a breast cancer patient, I saw other cancer patients at the hospital who were almost bald. I felt really bad, I could sense out that they were emotionally insecure. They get a negative feeling, humiliated and separated from others.

Donating 25 inches of hair is hard for many women, but Deepika Priya, donated exactly that much without a second thought. Deepika was also among the chief coordinators and said, “When I saw one of my cousin aunt ailing with breast cancer and who had slowly started losing her hair, I tried to check out over the internet as to what can be done. I got in touch with the Founder of ‘Protect your Mom Campaign’ and then thought that this would be the best idea to show my solidarity.”

People usually throw away hair which is unfair since it means the world to chemo patients. Hair for hope India endeavours to give dignity and freedom to chemo patients, says Founder, Premi Mathew.

Reproduced from Deccan Chronicle