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CM Says MLAs Must Travel Abroad

A little over a year ago, the incumbent BJP had come under severe criticism for sending their MLAs on a foreign trip, on the pretext of studies and analysis. The reason for criticism was that the ruling party had chosen a time when the state was reeling under the effects of a drought for their foreign jaunt.

Now, the congress also is being widely criticised for planning a 10-12 day South America tour that will include Brazil, Argentina and Peru and in have Samba, Tango and Paraguayan music shows included in their itinerary.

The chief minister Siddaramaiah though defended the need to send MLAs for such tours and asked the media to not make it into a big issue. The chief minister further added that it was akin to the public sending their children on a vacation.

The tour is expected to cost Rs 1.26 crore.

Source: DNA Newspaper