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Commuters To Pay Rs 2/Kg For Luggage In Autos

Apart from the hike in autorickshaw fares starting December 20, the Bangalore Regional Transport Authority (RTA) has also stated that commuters carrying luggage that weighs more than 20kg will have to pay Rs 2 per kg. The autorickshaw drivers will be allowed to carry a maximum of 50 kg luggage.

Expressing satisfaction over the hike, Srinivasmurthy, president of Auto Rickshaw Drivers’ Union (ARDU), said, “Though we had demanded a minimum charge of Rs 30, we agreed to Rs 25 in the interest of the public.” On being questioned about overcharging by certain autorickshaw drivers, he said, “We will cooperate with the traffic police and the RTOs in this matter. We ourselves will lodge a complaint with the authorities if anyone is found tampering with the meter or overcharging,” he added.

Manjunatha, president of Adarsha Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union, said that they were satisfied with the hike. He said the union would extend cooperation in case of complaints against drivers.

“We want to serve the public respectfully,” he said. The unions had cited the usual reasons seeking an increase in the fare: Rise in fuel prices (LPG price has increased from Rs 50 to Rs 54 per kg), price of autorickshaw has gone up to Rs 1.47 lakh from Rs 1.37 lakh, and maintenance cost and daily wages have increased.

Reproduced from Deccan Herald