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Cops must record breath-analyser checks

Stung by criticism that cops resort to high-handedness and unscientific methods during drunken driving checks, Bangalore Traffic Police have issued a circular that makes video-recording of the process as mandatory.

The standard operating procedure sent out by Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) B Dayananda added that women cops should be present during alcometer tests on female drivers. Here's the full set of dos and don'ts:

-Video-recording of the entire checking procedure is a must. It will eliminate charges of high-handedness and corruption, apart from providing footage that can be used against offenders in court.
-Be polite while conducting checks on citizens. Explain to them the upper limit of alcohol-level permitted under the law.
-Women police should be present for conducting alcometer tests on female drivers.
-If a motorist disputes the results of an alcometer test, immediately take him/her to the nearest hospital for a blood test.
-If a motorist claims he/she has just chewed supari or paan, ask him/her to rinse mouth with water and check breath again with alcometers.
-Set up check-points in well-lit places. Barricade these points in such a way that motorists will find it difficult to flee.
-Change the location of check-points on hourly basis to take road users by surprise.
-Policemen must mandatorily wear a reflective jacket with their name plate displayed on chest.

-Cops should not risk their lives by running across the road to stop a fleeing motorist. They must note down the vehicle number and alert traffic police at other junctions. They can also book a case against the fleeing driver with the help of RTO.
-Don't collect fine amount directly from drunken drivers. Ask them to leave the vehicle, go home, come next day to court and pay fine. Release the seized vehicle from police station only after the fine is paid.

Reproduced from Bangalore Mirror