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Dachshund Has World Cup Predictions Through Food

A few World Cups ago an octopus was predicting which team would win. We can’t be sure of its mechanism to make those predictions. But one thing is certain, you can never go wrong with food. Which is why this dachshund is making its world cup predictions through food.

Or maybe it’s pure providence that Spain has better tasting food than Portugal. To a dachshund at least.

Superstition and sport have always gone together. Suppose it's the only way fans get a chance to participate. Wonder if dogs feel the same way, if they like to gamble and play on luck. Or are they slightly more intuitive than that. The "psychic sausage dog" makes it seem like it's on to something. We all want a little bit of hope to put behind our team.
Lucky for R2D2, the “psychic sausage dog”, Spain is still in the World Cup. He has a few more chances to eat some delicious Chorizo this season.