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Desserts Festival At CPK

California Pizza Kitchen introduces the ‘Feast on Desserts Festival.’ The dessert festival will feature a range of exotic desserts to try. The chocolate date cake contains the flavours of Medjool dates and is topped with mascarpone cheese. The crème brulee torte is a classic crème de vanilla garnished with Californian almonds, baked to perfection. There is also the almond peach coffee cake, which is a trio of Californian almonds, juicy peaches and coffee combined with Daquoise sponge. The winter fruit gateux is made up of layers of vanilla sponge coated with white chocolate cream and the season’s fruits. Also, try the chocolate cake pudding which is a dark chocolate devil’s cake baked pudding style in molten caramel and served with whipped cream. Finally, try the flavour of the season, which is the salted caramel ecstasy. It is a caramel cake flavoured with Maldon salt and served with buttery caramel.

Every Tuesday, between 4pm and 6pm, CPK’s Trial Tuesdays allows you to try any of the six desserts for free.