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Diehards Pick Places To Watch The World Cup In Bangalore

It has also been four years since the last FIFA but it’s finally here and the city is going berserk. There are plenty of restaurants with great food, great beer and some excellent deals. A Bangalore football lover’s dream could not be better served at the city's many FIFA pit stops - that are all great places to watch the World Cup in Bangalore.

The opinion of a few random Bangalorean sport die hards yielded these four places as he top of their pick. Here they are in no particular order.

It is hard to be disappointed at the Hard Rock Cafe. They have the video and certainly,  the audio for getting adrenaline pumping, football fever moments. You know the menu already. The point with HRC is the ambience.

Le Meridien according to the revellers we checked with, tends to the classier of today’s picks. The hotel has an offer of four Bira for Rs 1499 and their food is always good because their chefs have always tended to pay attention.

Vapour in Indiranagar and Sarjapur have screenings through the season.

The Taj West End has the city's largest live screening, with a 40ft screen. To mimic being at the FIFA World Cup Finals, book tickets to the Taj West End event soon. Priced at Rs 499 plus taxes.

And then there’s the always-fun-and frolic Monkey Bar, Indiranagar, festooned for football, with a scaled down version of a football field. You can get raucous with the very vocal teens that are regulars here. We tried their signature Butterfly Chicken also had the Football Farsan. These are perfect snacks that accompany the inevitable beer.

The ITC Gardenia has a menu with dishes from many countries. Visit to see what French and Croatian dishes you'll find for the finale. The buffet at Cubbon Pavilion is Rs 1950 plus taxes, available for dinner.

By the way, The Irish House is another great spot to watch football by. They have an ongoing deal in the form of a “season ticket” for Rs 2500 which gives you “access” to 50 beers (two per match day), 25 appetizers (one per match day) and 15% off any other business you give them.

Aside from this there are various other events around Bangalore to catch a screening. Get the list here.