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Dine like a Nawab at Zaica

Zaica presents the Dawat-e-Nawab, an elaborate “dastarkhwan” (spread) from the imperial kitchens of the Nawabs. With spices and flavours from the best kitchens of Lucknow, Zaica presents to its diners an authentic dining experience.

Get a taste of the Awadh, at Zaica’s Lucknavi festival menu that includes a vast array of kebabs and curries from the delicately simmered shorbas, to the authentic kormas and biryani.

Some of their delicacies include the shikampuri kebab, murg mirza hasoon, gilaawat ke kebab, jhinga anardhana. Vegetarians can try the dahi ka tikka kebab and dilkash paneer ke parchey.

The habiba gosht, the murgh korma, mahi mussalam and the biryani gosht-e-Awadh are a must try. The menu also features a range of decadent desserts to choose from such as shahi tukra, sewai zarda or the famed phirni.

125, Brookfield, Ph: 4116-2485