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Diwali Treats @ Khandani


If there’s one thing that’s at the heart of all Diwali festivities, it’s got to be the food.
Rajdhani’s expert chefs have gone deep into the kitchens of India and dug out Diwali specials. As the season sets in for the epic Undhiyu, Rajdhani introduces the seasons’ first Surati Undhiyu with Diwali.

The main course is delicious, with Akhrot Modak, Karanji Halwa, Apple Jalebi and Gulabi Malpua with Shahi Rabri making their grand entry. Add to these, the evergreen favorites Dal Baati Churma, Khaman Dhokla, Puran Poli, Khandvi, Ghughras and more which will always find their place in the widespread menu at Rajdhani.
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