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Ever Had The Phoenix Eye Dumpling?

What is grander than sitting down to a steaming basket of Shanghai Dim Sums? At Shiro in UB City, the Collection features basket after basket of these little Chinese delights.

Dumplings, one of the world's best-loved snacks, have a very interesting history. 1800 years ago, Zhang Zhongjing, a ‘Medicine Saint’ from the Han Dynasty in China, wrapped mutton, chili and some warming medicinal herbs in some dough. He then boiled this little parcel - possibly the world’s first dumpling- and handed the same to the poor and the suffering in the bitter, winter cold.

Moving quickly forward to warmer and more pleasant times, some of the attractions of the menu are Oyster Chicken and Sticky Rice Sui Mai (marinated chicken and Shiitake mushrooms tossed with sticky rice, steamed in a wonton wrapper), the titular Phoenix Eye Dumpling (rich, classic prawn dumpling seasoned with chilies and fish sauce and the classic Har Gua (prawns marinated and steamed inside a translucent wrapper).

For vegetarians there is the the Shanghai Mushroom Dumpling with three kinds of mushrooms and a sharp garlic oil or the extraordinary Shen Jian Bao (a pan fried dumpling of assorted mushroom and delicate, almost sweet-tasting leeks and the evocatively named Chi Chow Style Dumpling packing a mouthful of wickedness with earthy asparagus, bell peppers, slivers of perky carrot, peanuts and crunchy, nutty water chestnuts.

With the Collection, Shiro is winning at the Dim Sum game.

Shiro, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore