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Famous Female Chefs Or Female Chefs That Rose To Fame

There are lots of famous chefs. Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Sanjeev Kapoor spring to mind immediately. But if you have to name famous female chefs? Other than Julia Child and maybe even Tarla Dalal, of course. This International Women’s Day let’s celebrate by learning the names (at least) of the 10 most famous female chefs.

Watch this video to see who they are.

Now that you know the top 10 in the world, let’s look at some of India’s top female chefs

Aarti Sequeira
TV chef and winner of the sixth season of The Next Food Network Star, she now hosts the TV show Taste in Translation.

Anjum Anand

Anjum Anand is a British Indian food writes and TV cook.

Manju Malhi

She is also a British Indian food writer that specialises in Anglo Indian cuisine.

Nita Mehta

Nita Mehta is an author, celebrity chef and restaurateur.

Ritu Damlia

Ritu Dalmia is a restaurateur and celebrity chef

Shazia Khan

She is known for her participation in MasterChef India, Season 2.

Shipra Khanna

Shipra Khanna was the winner of MasterChef India, Season 2.

Shonali Sabherwal
Shonali Sabherwal is another British Indian chef. She is a celebrity macrobiotic nutritionist.

Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal is an Indian food writer, chef, cookbook author and TV cooking show host.

Rachel Goenka

Rachel Goenka is the owner and founder of Mumbai’s award winning restaurant, The Sassy Spoon.