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Five Cocktails That Wet Our Whistles In Bangalore

Whiskey and soda. Gin and tonic. Rum and coke. Ho hum. And there’s more to life that the Margarita and the Bloody Mary has.

We bring you 5 of the top most insane and radical cocktails available in Bangalore.  With names that evoke great curiosity, these bizarre drinks will certainly put a nice twist to your evening. Bottoms up!

Traffic Jam
at Purple Haze

65, Jyoti Nivas College Rd, Koramangala Industrial Layout,
Koramangala, Bangalore
080 4110 4747

Here is something which will instantly connect with the high-on-spice desi crowd - Traffic Jam, a fiery drink offered at Purple Haze is made of a unique blend of chilly vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup, loads of ice and soda.
“Its so spicy that it jams your throat,” says Vijay, the bartender. ‘It’s famous with our regular patrons, but remains obscure to our occasional customers as it’s not included in our menu,’ he stated.

Gabbar Singh
at Bak Bak Bar

1,Kira Layout, Opposite Prestige Acropolis, Hosur Main Road,
Koramangala, Bangalore
080 30412940

A drink invented by Mr. Raghunath, the manager and an ex-bartender, is a concoction of Indian ingredients – curry powder, Tabasco, sugar syrup, pineapple juice, and lime-juice with vodka & brandy.
This filmy name is attributed to Mr. Raghunath himself because of the conventional ingredients used. This is a much-loved cocktail for those who like their drinks hot.
Calling the drink such was a trendsetter for naming other exclusive house drinks based on movies like – Scarface, Voldemort & Princess Leia.

The Wild Leaf
at Monkey Bar

14/1 Krishna Manere, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar Bangalore –560025 Karnataka
080 4111 6878

A well-balanced drink with Absolut vodka, kaffir lime, orange juice & passion fruit essence, this is the perfect blend of all citrus flavours. This indigenous cocktail is named so because of the use of well-known kaffir lime leaf found in the villages of Tamil Nadu.

at Like That Only

14/31A, Hadagur Main Rd, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka
080 6547 5610

This dynamic cocktail draws its roots from the conventional “lotta” which is used to keep water and beverages cool in homes. The drink is a prepared with mint & sugar pounded together with dark rum along with a dash of freshly squeezed orange juice. This unique blend is one of the most popular cocktails among the guests. It is served in a stainless steel glass ensuring the cocktail maintains its optimum temperature.

Mary Poppin
at Like That Only

14/31A, Hadagur Main Rd, Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka
080 6547 5610

This in-house speciality is served in a funky pickle jar containing a unique combination of a great tasting Bloody Mary along with some in-house pickle juice and additional hickory smoke flavouring. The name is an obvious take on the English nanny in P. L. Travers’ famous book series. It contains Eristoff vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, & hickory smoke.