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Five elite cocktails in Bangalore

We thought rupees 400 for a cocktail was expensive, but that’s actually a bargain. In Bangalore, there are a number of pubs that are charging much more for a drink.

These are no ordinary gin and tonics. Instead, these concoctions call for a range of exotic ingredients, including spirits that some of us may not be aware of. Here we thought a flamed orange peel was fancy. Of course, these deluxe creations are more than just a beverage.
What's your budget for a cocktail? Rupees 500 max? You might have to run to the ATM to afford one of these expensive cocktails. So whether you’re at a fancy bar or just merely curious, here are five of the most expensive cocktails in the city.

The Hemant Pathak’s Walker

Where: Blue Bar, Taj Westend

Price – Rs1350

Why is it so expensive?
Named after Hemant Pathak, the ingredients that go into this cocktail just screams exotic!

Pathak is a maestro at flaring and mixology at The Blue Bar- Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi. He was awarded Best Bartender in India in 2011 at World Class India Grand Finale Cocktail Challenge.

The Hemant Pathak’s Walker has Johnny Walker Gold Label scotch, Darjeeling tea, a dash of honey and peach rum. We were also told that this cocktail is so special that it’s only mixed during special events and serves exclusively to “special drinkers”.

Grape and goat Cheese Martini (with Grey Goose vodka)

Where: LikeThatOnly

Price – Rs 950 plus taxes

Why is it so expensive?
This cocktail got our curiosity tickled. Goat cheese as a martini doesn’t exactly spell 007-classy. But, at Rupees 950, this vodka shaken cocktail with wine infused grapes and goat cheese does sound interesting.

The Lalit Cocktail

Where: Oko, Lalit Ashok Hotel

Price – Rs 840

Why is it so expensive?
Sources at The Lalit Ashok tell us, “It is so expensive because it’s not just a cocktail, it’s an experience created specially by Lalit Suri Hospitality Group to delight the customer.”

Spanish Saffron Martini

Where: Olive Beach

Price: Rs 600 (plus taxes)

Why is it so expensive?

This cocktail uses exotic saffron from Spain, which lends its distinct aroma, colour and taste to this premium. It is a blend of Grey Goose, sweet lime and Spanish saffron.

Good Morning Dublin

Where: Monkey Bar

Price: Rs 550 (plus taxes)

Why is it so expensive?
Monkey Bar use only premium ingredients in the creation of our version of the Irish Coffee. The complexity of flavours achieved with the Jameson Irish Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream and 100% Single Estate Arabica Coffee, Melted Demerara Sugar and Cinnamon are unmistaken in this luxury breakfast cocktail.