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What's the place to be on a Saturday night in Bangalore?

Saturday night is different for different people. For me, if I am looking for some fun drinking and good music or a gig it has to be B Flat, The Humming Tree, Warehouse or Indigo Live always have something going on. As you might have guesses The Humming tree is my comfort place. Also, Blistering Barnacles is good for some good music and reasonably priced alcohol.


However, if you want to dance your night away and have a crazy good time doing so you got to head to Viren Khanna’s Saturday night parties, I always have an amazing time there.


What's your go to place for pizza?

I am not that big a fan of Pizzas but I do enjoy an occasional thin crust with the right toppings (lots of fungi, chicken/meat and jalapeños) from time to time. Maybe at places like The Humming Tree or Arbor. I heard Onesta in Koramangala is good, have been meaning to try it. I do not like Dominos, Pizza Hut etc.


Recommend one typical Bangalore meal to outsider.

Hmm, well a typical Bangalore meal will have to be a meal at Nagarjuna, even though it is Andhra food. I love the veg thali with Andhra style chilli Chicken.


What's one cuisine you hate?

Well, I love food, almost all kinds and I eat a lot. However, I am a little too picky and specific about the things I enjoy eating. Probably am not a very big fan of the dishes that have excessive coconut or coconut oil. Also, too spicy biryani does not work for me. But I like the Dum Biryani at Alishaan and Lazeez.


Any home food you miss in Bangalore?

I used to miss the basic dal, rice and mashed potato / potato fry and the yummy chicken curry mum makes. But then I discovered this place called Axomi, they do a pretty good job.


I come from a family that loves sweet (notice now I do not mention that I am Bong :P)  the occasional homemade sweets mum makes like Patishapta, Puli Pithe etc.