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Anwiti Das
Advertising professional

We hear you like to eat strange and weird food combos. True?
I used to have sprouts with honey when I was younger and I think it is delicious, but people look at me wrong when I tell them about it. I have also been questioned for liking paneer with watermelon, but gourmet restaurants serve Feta with watermelon now so that’s that.

Are you picky about some foods?
Yes! Biryani, I know it is an incredibly popular dish. But only like it when my mum makes it. I’m the same with Gulab Jamuns.

You live in Bombay now, do you miss any Bangalore restaurants?
I loved the restaurant Mangalore Pearl in Frazer Town. Excellent coastal cuisine. Obviously, The Only Place is on the list too. Opposite Mt. Carmel College is Loafer Street, I enjoy the street food there a lot. There is something called Mexican Chat - mouth watering.

What is the difference in restaurant culture here and in Bombay?
I think more restaurants in Bombay are steeped in a long history. There are unassuming looking restaurants that serve just thalis, but posh people will be queueing up to get to them. There is one such place Shree Thaker Bhojanalay in a dusty crowded area. A creaky old building which looks like it'll crumble any moment. But the food is unbelievable. There are such places in B’lore, but not quite the same.

But on the other hand I think Bangalore has a lovely drinking culture. Almost everyone has a drink with almost every meal at a restaurant. That doesn't happen in Bombay unless you go to a fine dining restaurant. Especially not on a weekday lunch.

What’s the most outlandish food you’ve had?
Unbeknownst to me I tried Frogs Legs in Singapore. It was quite good actually!