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Food Fetish

Rumana Nazarali
Aspiring CA, Food blogger

Which is your favourite cuisine?
If I was asked this question ten years ago then my answer would have been Chinese. Today I like continental food a lot. My favourite would be JW Kitchen at the JW Marriott. The variety of food served including various cuisines is amazing and the taste is just not compromised for the buffet. Having spoken to the chefs, I realise that all are very passionate about cooking and Chef Jolly has set the bar. JW Kitchen is my set standard now.

What is your fav place for a food trip?
I have travelled across India. Living in Bangalore all my life I have had lot of South Indian food like Kerala cuisine, Andhra cuisine and Karnataka cuisine. I have a soft spot for Goan Prawn Curry Rice and Goan Fish Curry Rice. I love seafood a lot and the Goan is the best. I take trips to Goa just to enjoy the food, I just did that last week.

Which lesser known cuisine do wish gets popular?
Vietnamese cuisine, it is not lesser known but in Bangalore, there are very few restaurants that cater to Vietnamese tastes. I really like the cuisine as it is simple with minimal ingredients. I just love Pho Bo.

What's a good evening snack?
Personally I would love to eat chaats at Jayanagar 3rd Block, outside the swimming pool. The taste of chaats served there has not changed and I travel to Jayanagar for this. Its been over six years now and I still relish it. There is a small Samosa Kachori stall in Shanthinagar, Lakshmi Road from where I have been eating for years. It is good to indulge in these fried favourites once a while.

At times heading to Dyu Art Cafe in Koramangala gives me a good change. Cinnamon Cappuccino with some brown bread sandwich or salad along with loads of conversations makes my evening. I guess I just indulge in too many evening snacking places but yes I do as this is the time I get to meet my friends too.

What do you think are the upcoming food trends?
People are taking food and their customers seriously. Lot of restaurants have come up with authentic cuisines along with numerous food festivals. I am a person who would go for casual dining as well as fine dining, but I really need my food to be top notch. I see more food festivals happening, which helps a person like me to taste different cuisines. It helps me decide whether I like it or not.