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Sumedh Singh Mandala,

CEO Grover Zampa Vineyards

Grover Zampa Vineyards partners with Labruyere family from France to grow the Indian Wine Industry. Explocity catches up with Sumedh Singh Mandala, the CEO


  1. How is the wine industry in India compared to other alcohol?


Wine Industry is still at its nascent stage. Per Capita consumption is below a tea spoon. Wine industry is pitched at 2.7 million cases against the structured Spirits industry at 320 million plus cases. This is a challenge and also a great area of opportunity.


  1. Tell us more about the Labruyere family. How did their interest in Indian wines begin?


History of the Labruyère Family starts in 1850 when the founder of the Macon family branch, Jean-Marie, settles down in Les Thorins, which would become part of the Moulin-à-Vent appellation in 1924.Since then, every generation has contributed to the preservation and the development of this viticultural treasure. Jean-Pierre Labruyère, President of Labruyère Eberlé Group for more than 30 years, passed the reins of the estate to his son in 2008, in order to create a leading winery in the appellation. In1988, Jean Pierre Labruyère takes over the control of the prestigious Domaine Jacques Prieur with a group of investors, to prevent this Burgundian jewel to fall in the hands of a foreign group. And the story doesn’t end here.In1992, Jean Pierre Labruyere becomes the first Burgundian owner to invest in Bordeaux as he acquired 18 hectares of the best terroirs in Pomerol; it was a new start for Château Rouget.

In 2012 the Labruyère family decided to complete its mosaic of terroirs with vineyards in Verzenay, a Champagne Grand Cru village renowned for its Pinot Noir; one of the region’s greatest. Owning all our vineyards, we are able to master each stage in the wine-growing and wine making processes. Terroir, tradition and excellence being our core values, we apply sustainable farming and bio dynamic methods.

We share the same passion for producing premium quality wines. Labruyere family has been following Indian wine market for few years and like us they also believe that coming years offer a great potential in the Indian wine industry.



  1. What's a great food and wine pairing?


A good paring is one where there is a perfect match and balance between the components and structure of wine and that of food it is paired with. A perfect example from our portfolio will be pairing La Reserve with Lamb Seekh Kebab. A good Food and Wine pairing will enhance the whole meal experience and vice versa. As a basic rule: White wine will compliment seafood, light meat and vegetables whereas red wine can be enjoyed better with meats and dishes with heavy sauces. Also white wine should preferably be taken before red wine, as the later could be over power the flavour and taste of a white wine due to body structure and the tannin.