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Food Fetish - Srikanth Krishnamurthy

Srikanth Krishnamurthy

What do you think about Bangalore’s food scene?
The food scene in Bangalore is great. There are so many restaurants serving different kinds of cuisines and what is best is that everything is so topic oriented. If it’s a festival, the food served is according to that. If there’s a trend in terms of eating out, Bangalore restaurants immediately adapt to that.

Where do you usually eat out and what do you like about the place?
I can eat from just about anywhere. I don’t shy away from tiny hole-in-the-wall like eateries and am comfortable dining at high end places as well. I think one thing that is the by product of Bangalore’s bustling food scene that I forgot to add in the previous answer is that you tend to go to specific restaurants when you are in the mood for a particular dish or cuisine.

What’s your favourite cuisine?
I prefer Andhra food because it’s spicy and full of flavours. Among international cuisine, I prefer Italian. Chinese is also a favourite because it’s light on the stomach.