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Food Fetish With Saagarika Ghoshal

Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal,

Author of 25 of India's Biggest Chefs

Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal,Human Resources at METRO Cash & Carry India, has authored the book 25 of India's Biggest Chefs. The book is a compilation of recipes and stories about food from India’s top 25 chefs. It chronicles stories of the award-winning chefs in India, their journey into the culinary world and innovative recipes from their kitchen. Explocity catches up wit the author in an exclusive interview about her love for food.

1.Name a personal favourite recipe from the book

Each recipe shared by these culinary maestros is unique and is creativity at its best. It’s hard to choose just one of them. However still, if I had to, I’d pick Naren Thimmaiah’s Tiger Prawn Roast simply for the ease of cooking. A quick blend of spices and you have delectable prawn appetizer ready to be devoured in just 30 mins. What more could one ask for. I would also choose Ritu Dalmia’s Panacotta to for my sweet tooth. Again, an exotic Italian dish which may sound complicated, but is simple to prepare.

Some of the delectable ones that I must mention are Manjeet Gill’s Moorg Atishaya, Abhijeet Saha’s Smoked Salmon Hummus, Bhaskar Sankhari’s Paan Ki Biryani and Joy Bhattacharya’s Lamb Carpaccio.

  1. How did you get idea for the book?

I have always been passionate about food, and the idea of doing a book on culinary arts has been on my mind for a while. It was just a matter of time it took shape. This book is also a culmination of my own journey as a foodie. The author in me was curious to learn about the personal tastes of these food masterminds, their creative sensibilities and their inspirations.  

  1. While travelling, what is the best dish you have ever eaten?

I’m a total foodie and love to try out different cuisines of the region I’m visiting. Be it a gourmet dish or street spread, I absolutely love trying out the local flavors. I especially like street food in Vietnam and Cambodia.

However, one that I distinctly remember was on a trip to Bologna, at Michelin Star ristorante, Ca’Matilde by Chef Andrea Vezzani, having bomba which is a parmesan rice ball, pork fillet with spinach soufflé and finishing it with ciambelle which are classic Italian doughnuts, with classic hot zabaione sauce.

  1. What are some of your favorite restaurants in Bangalore?

Abhijeet Saha’s Caperberry, Manu Chandra’s The Fatty Bao, Asia’s Kitchen and Grasshopper are some of my favourite food spots that I love visiting whenever time and schedule permit.

  1. Do you enjoy cooking?

Oh absolutely! Though given the hectic schedule and extensive travels the frequency is much less than what I would like it to be. I’m always eager to try out new recipes whenever I’m traveling, and love to experiment with them in my kitchen too. Being a Bengali, I love cooking all the Bengali delicacies, especially around Durga Puja, and would love to prepare an 8 course traditional Bengali meal any day. My most favourite though would be shukto which is a classic Bengali dish made from vegetables and poppy seeds cooked in mustard oil. Bhapa Ilish would be another Bengali delicacy that I love to prepare. Litti-Chokha is another Indian dish that I love to cook. It’s a classic dish from Bihar. I also love and enjoy cooking Italian dishes.