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Sudesh Pai


  1. What are some of your favourite restaurants in Bangalore?

I have many favourites. Depends on the cuisine. When I want a good steak, it has to be The Only Place. For Mapala cuisine I head to Imperial. Olive Beach is another place I love. Although I don't think there are any good Chinese restaurants in the city.


  1. Some pubs you like visiting?

I love the old favourites like Guzzlers Inn. I also like Windsor pub.  I like old school places like that. The new ones don’t appeal to me much, except Monkey Bar. So many new ones pop up every day, the word gastropub has become meaningless now.


  1. How have things changed over the years?

There are many restaurants in the city. Everyone thinks they can open up a restaurant, but it is not that easy. It is not all glamorous. But it is good for the people because we get more variety. Bangalore is slowly becoming a food destination on the map. Not as close to Bombay, but getting there.


  1. What is one place you love returning to?