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Guest Column

“Let's go out for lunch”
“What do you want to eat?”
“Anything, you decide… as long as it’s close by”
Decisions on dinner are influenced more by the traffic conditions than craving.
The good thing is that this has made things a little easier for me. Now, or reasons of traffic, I can narrow down my list of favourite restaurants without calling myself too lazy to experiment. Here they are:
I love the ambience in Biere Street, I love the whole experience of being in Arbor Brewing Company, I dig Asian food in Mamagoto, equally the Thai Red Curry and Steamed Rice in Lan Thai ( you know, “that yum Thai place on Brigade Road”), the Rolls at Khan Saheb, Chicken Biryani in Hyderabadi Biryani House, the street side Pani Puri, Momos and Shawarma; and the varieties of dosas… I could go on.
Years ago, I lunched at this restaurant, Hallimane, in Malleshwaram. Like a memorable affair, I keep thinking about Hallimane although I cannot remember what exactly I loved about it. Maybe it was the speciality Kannada cuisine.
They were quick and yet they had quality. Their vast menu can confuse you, more for the competing aroma of must-have dishes being cooked: “Can I have that thing that smells of tamarind?”
Speaking of returning there, Hallimane is 20 km away from anywhere I am, usually. But, if I would make an exception ever, it would be to eat there again. But there’s the traffic...