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Have You Been There Yet?



I have grown up in this city. Over the past decade the situation has gone from “We have a few great places to hang out” to “Oh my God, I can’t pick where to go, there are too many!” Naturally, my list of favourites keeps evolving with the new discoveries I make every weekend. You could have lived all your life in Bengaluru and still be unaware of most culinary treasures the city offers. Here’s a tiny peek at the hideouts I visit when the cravings get loud.


Loft 38 (Indiranagar)

A very fortunate discovery, Loft 38 is very beautiful place with a towering glass front enclosed among giant white walls right in the middle of 100ft road. Within the walls is a courtyard cafe for anyone who likes the open-air dining. As you can guess, it is themed like a loft with a colossal log-studded wall and wood all-around. The sunlight streaming through the glass on one side makes the mezzanine a perfect spot to dine. I do enjoy the vegetarian options on the menu and an especially delicious drinks from the bar. They are known for the crazy ladies nights with special menu, pink lit atmosphere and a DJ with a skill for tunes that makes anyone groove.


My Orders: Cajun Martini, Stir Fried Tofu Cakes, Palm Hearts and Orange Salad, Dark Chocolate Fondant


Yana Sizzlers (Koramangala)

If there's one place in Bangalore that has as many vegetarian sizzlers as meat on the menu, it is Yana. A neat little cove with warm and welcoming staff. They have an interesting menu with so many innovative fusion dishes that you could get overwhelmed. The portions are so good that you can split a four course meal with a friend or two and leave with your tummy filled. If you plan to visit in the evenings, be prepared to wait for a seat (you wouldn't have to wait long for your meal).


My Orders: Grape Margherita, Paneer with Lemon Garlic Chili, Mexican Paneer Bell Pepper Roll, Spring Rolls, Cottage Cheese Exotic Vegetables, Barbecued Stuffed Mushroom, Macaroni Satellite, Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla and Hot Chocolate


Vinny’s (Banashankari 2nd Stage)

For those people who think there are no good eateries in Banashankari, Vinny's will prove you wrong. It's just a small courtyard cafe but shows great promise with its truly cosmopolitan menu and quality of food. Quick in service, they do it all in time and never give you a chance to complain. In fact, if you are spotted leaving the table with leftovers on the plate, you can expect the manager to stop you on your way out with a concerned look on his face trying to figure out whether you were full or displeased with the food.


My Orders: Single Slice Pizza, Spicy Red Sauce Pasta, Gobi Manchurian, Topped Garlic Bread


Humming Tree (Indiranagar)

I accidentally walked into this place, meant to go elsewhere, but am I glad I found it! I was starving and the food made me feel like I was in Utopia. The restaurant space is huge because they have music gigs happening most of the time, but if you step in during the day you will be pleasantly greeted and seated at an empty table (if any) by the window. Their menu is modest yet very unique. The vegetarian options are quite limited, but it is one of my favorite places to visit. If you love fusion food, great music, a good drink and warm service, Humming Tree welcomes you. Oh! Don't forget to try their pizza.


My Orders: Macaroni Cheese Bites, Ratatouille with Sofrito, Mocha Tart, Pizza, Sangria



Shruti Suresh is a content professional. She is a writer and food lover who documents her interests on her website, Oyster (http://shrutisuresh.com).