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Healthy Desserts Are Not an Oxymoron

A Chocolate Mandarin Mille Feuille sounds just about right, specially if it is sugar free. Chef Bala the pastry chef at Yauatcha has made some super healthy desserts for the summer. “Yes, a lot of people are health conscious and often skip desserts altogether. We wanted to offer our guests a guilt free experience, and hence decided to include sugar free varieties,” Chef told Explocity. There is also the egg less Mango and Gianduja Chocolate Mousse Cake and the sugar free Tiramisu.

All the new desserts have the feel of Yauatcha - a chic Dim Sum teahouse. “We wanted to give a modern twist to the desserts, while also keeping the fun element intact, “ Chef added. For instance The Blueberry and Pistachio Bar comes with a Lemon Sorbet and an Almond sponge base. The aforementioned Mango and Gianduja is served with a Mango Ripple Ice Cream and Spicy Mango Compote – all to make it a little different from the regular run of the mill desserts.

We asked chef to recommend us his personal favourite and he suggested the Kashmiri Kahwa Marquise – a perfect combination of a sweet and bitter dessert along with a hint of tangy orange and white chocolate. “The flavours complement each other so flawlessly and the end result is a rich, lavish, and heavy indulgence.” We’ll take your word on it chef!
Yauatcha, Level 5, 1 MG Road Mall, Bangalore