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"I Just Don't Like Thai Food"

Sanyogeeta Chavan
Advertising professional

What is a food that everyone likes, but for some reason you hate?
All my friends are big fans of Thai Food. But there is something about it that I just don’t like it at all.

Which is your fav hangout spot in Bangalore?
I love the two best breweries in town - Arbor Brewing Company and Toit. Evenings spent there have been very memorable.

What’s an ideal night out with girlfriends?
If I’m meeting my best friends we catch up over dinner first. It usually ends as a night out at Skyye Bar.

What's the most romantic place?
The top of my list for romantic dinners has to be On The Edge. The view is amazing. I love their three course meal. Also, I’m a huge fan of Ebony as well. I almost always order the Parsee Fish.

Which dish is your weakness?
That has to be Chilly Chicken. Even if I am on a diet I just can't resist this one dish.