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In Search Of The Bangalore Ugadi Menu

Either you live in Bangalore and know all about Ugadi or you live under a rock.

To throw some light, the agrarian festival of Ugadi (or Yugadi or Gudipadwa) is celebrated as the first day of the New Year in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra and Telangana.

By one interpretation, in these parts, this is the first day of the month of the year. In other parts of the country, the Hindu New Year month starts on other dates.

Ours is not to question why. Ours is to eat hollige.

And buy new clothes. Even if we stopped being agrarian around the time Gutenberg assembled type.

The point is that that there’s celebration and with that, there’s feasts.

There’s a lot of information online about Ugadi food and what it is, so we will keep ourselves to letting you know where you can go to get this food, if a home cooked meal is not at hand.

Dakshin at ITC Windsor

Chef George Jayasurya at Dakshin has put together a meal that starts with Bevu bella and then, dishes like the Kadale Gojju, a traditional Karnataka preparation of chickpeas, Soppu Kootu, lentil and fresh greens preparation, Tomato Erekkai, a tomato and ridge gourd preparation accompanied with variety of rices, and other dishes like Kaalu Usli, Southekai Pachadi, gatti Saaru, Thouvve and end your meal with Hallu Obbatu - jaggery stuffed sweet pancakes served with hot milk and Elaneer Payasam - tender coconut kernels in coconut milk, flavoured with cardamom.

Lunch and dinner on March 18, INR 1750 (plus taxes, per head)

Feast at The Sheraton

In Search Of The Bangalore Ugadi Menu

At this hotel at Brigade Gateway they take you on a culinary trail through Karnataka. The festival starts from 18 March with an Ugadi brunch followed by dinner everyday featuring different regional cuisines, from 19 March through 25 March. The menu will feature a combination of vegetarian and and non-vegetarian dishes that include dishes like Ragi Mudde, Neer Dosa, Bisi Bele Bhaat, Kadubu, Mangalorean Fish curry, Chicken Sukka, Pork curry and more. There will be a separate menu featuring regional drinks as well.

Sunday Brunch: INR 2700+taxes (With Alcohol) | INR 2100+taxes (Non – Alcoholic)

Dinner: INR 1700+taxes

Karavalli at The Gateway Hotel

Chef Naren Thimmaiah has come up with a bale yele oota (that’s the meal served on a banana leaf) that's tries to be authentic. The hotel said that their ingredients have directly sourced from farms and find their way into dishes like Tomato Rasam, Majjige, Aloo Gedde Palya, Kaalu Usli, Ennegayi, Ananas Majgehuli, Dal Thouuvve, Poori, Bisi Bele Bhath, Southekayi Pachadi, Kadale Bele Payasa, Obbattu just to name a few.

Also, The Radisson Blu Atria has a an Ugadi special brunch that features Pullattu, Vankaya Ulli Iguru, Mango mutton curry Karivepaku Annam and Badam halwa.

Sunday brunch on March 18, starting at INR 1500 (plus taxes)

In Search Of The Bangalore Ugadi Menu