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In The Bling Of An Eye: Bogineni's Luxury Weddings

When you think of an Indian wedding, the first thing that flashes in the mind’s eye is the bling on the bride followed by the luster of her eyes and the shine of her hair. How beautiful did she look? That is the question that will linger on long after the event itself.

Weddings are way more than a mere celebration or commitment that a couple is making to each other for life. They are events to remember, celebrations that will be etched in the memories of the couple and all the other people involved. From families to guests and well-wishers. And on social media of course.

Not surprisingly, many weddings echo Bollywood themes… that industry that spawns the most extravagant of ideas, reflecting a richness that shines through the food, the entertainment, the number of guests invited and how everyone was dressed at the event.

Weddings, in that sense, are also a silent competition, with each guest trying to outdo the other (the bride being the exception, hopefully) with the outfits they choose to wear. Te jewellery that matches and the make up of course.

It’s big business and it’s a time to come out, guns blazing.

So where does one go to acquire the edge?

For starters: Bogineni Luxury.

Started in 2010 at Krishna Temple Road in Indiranagar, Bogineni Luxury is a designer clothing store, with a regal ethnic touch to it’s many-faceted offerings. They recently opened ther second outlet on 100 ft Road also in Indiranagar.

So what makes this store the right choice for wedding shopping? Simple. Bogineni provides a customized, complete experience, where an outfit can be designed to the customer’s satisfaction, with the help of inputs and advice from one of their in-house designers.

As Group Chairman of Bogineni Luxury Lifestyle, Jagadeeswara Babu, and his team explained, “Doing one’s wedding shopping is enough to turn one colour-blind with the sheer range that is available in the market today. But our in-house designers attempt to ease the pain of this difficult, stressful yet exciting, process. It’s what makes us the place to be for any bride-to-be.”