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Jungle Fever


Tiger Trail, the new restaurant at Hotel Royal Orchid promises a heady mix of romance and adventure.

Hunters in British India would stalk the tigers on what they called tiger trails. While the hunting of tigers has long been outlawed, there has always been a certain romance associated with the hunt, evoking images of royalty and aristocracy roughing it out in the wilds.

Tiger Trail - the restaurant - celebrates this era with an offering of dishes from this route. Set in the ambience of a manicured lawn under the Bangalore night sky, the gazebos we sat in felt like wooden hunting lodges.

Chef Rana Gomes (winner of Explocity’s “King of Chefs”) and his team have crafted a menu matching the jungle theme. Working with Gomes are sous chefs from Lucknow, and they bring an authenticity to the offering.

The starters are the highlights of this short and to-the-point menu.

The meats and veggies are fresh off the tandoor and grill. Our favourites were the Galouti Kebab, the Broccoli, Baby Corn and Paneer skewers and the Dahi Wala Kebab made in true Awadhi style. They were served with an assortment of chutneys including a unique grape chutney. All complemented with excellent wine and fresh juices.

The main course has a choice of curries ranging from Mahi Fish Koftas to Lamb Chops. All of which were served with a variety of roti options - Naans, Kulchas and dry fruit stuffed rotis. The desserts were equally impressive. We loved the soft, warm Gulab Jamuns and the fresh fruits.

The service was great. And as they say, no tigers were harmed in the making of the menu.

Tiger Trail, Hotel Royal Orchid, 1 Golf Avenue, Adjoining KGA Golf Course, Hal Airport Rd,