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La Brasserie Celebrates Sankranthi And Pongal

Whether you’re celebrating Sankranthi or Pongal, Le Meridien invites you to discover the culture and flavours of both over a special lunch.

At Le Merdien’s multi-cuisine restaurant, La Brasserie, the tables have been set for a feast. In celebration of Sankranthi and Pongal, the restaurant is serving a traditional lunch featuring all the festive specials.

Starting with soups, there is muringakai soup and chilled moru curry soup. The salads include kosambari and chettinad pumpkin salad while the mains range from telangana aloo and avial to vendakai vepudu and keerai poondu masala.

The lunch buffet also features live counters serving appam and stew, yam tawa fry, alsande vada and sante bonda. The long list of desserts include ada payasam, sweet kuzhipaniyaram, coconut obattu and pancakes with till, coconut and jaggery.

The vegetarian lunch buffet on January 15 is priced at Rs 600 plus taxes. Timings: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.