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Laptop Crisis

My laptop burst and literally went up in flames, finally melting into the table with an awful smell. So when Radha called to check on the column, I had promised to write for Explocity, I had the perfect excuse. My laptop had not merely died - it had cremated itself.

Not to be alarmist, but I am actually writing this so all you laptop users in Bangalore can take note - don't take the passiveness of these ubiquitous devices for granted - they can jump up and strike too!

To be fair, my lap top was 'oldish' and the battery was a replacement - a compatible that I had installed when the original died, and I found the model had been discontinued. The computer store in Basavangudi warned me that it would last six months. Maybe. They forgot to tell me that more dire things could happen. So to actually have my laptop go up in flames, was a 'read about in the newspaper' type moment for me.

The more perplexing sideline to the incident though, is that, most folks to whom I related the story of the demise of the device, seemed more amused than frightened on my behalf. I got a lot of 'you were working too hard', 'oh, what were you watching?', and the more obvious 'hope your data was backed up'. No 'oh my god - hope you are ok!' type concern!

To think the thing could have burnt a hole in my lap, sitting right here on my idyllic Bangalore balcony, pondering the lush greenery in my life, and attempting yet another "interesting" advertising angle on carrots or cars.

Ah well! I am temporarily laptop-less and functioning inadequately. But for the present, I've replaced the spot on my lap with a soft and cuddly lap dog... welcome Marco!


Mallika Sankaran is an advertising professional who has spent many years in California. She recently returned to Bangalore, and is dealing with the quirks and kinks of this town bravely.