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Lo Bock Gow At The Lalit Ashok

2016 is the year of the monkey and Chef Tenzin Dolma at Oko, in Lalit Ashok has planned an exciting menu for the occasion. It is a good mix of the exotic with the familiar, a bit of adventure and some good old comfort dishes. Just like we hope the next year will be.

The menu has a full five courses with soups, starters, main course, dim sums and desserts. Our recommendations are the Zade Soup, a delightful thick spinach soup and the soul warming Chicken Noodle Talumein soup.  

The starters feature Lo Bock Gow, a radish cake which is a Chinese New Year speciality. Char Siu Pork, Chinese style pork with a sweet and sour marinade and the Drunken prawns are also great choices.

The main course is extensive with vegetarian, main course and seafood options. All accompanied by rice and noodles. Some stand out dishes are Asparagus and Shiitake Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce, Lemony Chicken, Lamb Ginger Chilli and the Stir fried Tenderloin. Seafood has Cuttlefish in Spicy Yellow Bean Sauce and the Whole Crab with Black Pepper Sauce. All available with Koithio, rice and noodles.

The Dimsums and Baos have options like Beef Bao, Mix Veg Dimsums and the BBQ Pork Bao.

For dessert there are some traditional favourites like the Jian Dui, sticky sesame rice balls, Mango Pudding and Sagu with Cantaloupe Milkshake.

Feb 5 - 13, Oko, The Lalit Ashok, Kumara Krupa High Grounds, Bengaluru