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Meet Chef Rayomund Pardiwalla

He is the Executive Chef at Movenpick Hotel and Spa Bangalore. Chef Rayomund gives Explocity a sneak peak into his New Year.

What led you to becoming a chef?
A passionate interest in culinary science, of creating food led to a gradual progression of becoming a chef.

How long have you been a chef?
23 years

How do you like to spend New Year’s Eve?
As a Chef and hotelier, New Year’s Eve is the busiest day for us – a trend which is unique to this industry and am part of it , by choice. So as always, New Year’s eve will be spend in the kitchen overseeing the culinary aspect of the year end events at the hotel.

Is fine dining really an option for New Year’s?
Entirely depends on the choice of the customer – should you prefer to opt for a cozy dinner with the finest of food on the menu and your chosen company, then fine dining is the best way to ring in the New Year.

What do you enjoy more? Cooking or creating?
Both are different sides of the same coin.

What dish do you like eating the most?
Comfort food – home cooked food.

What’s your least favourite dish?
No such dish in particular though I detest badly made tea or coffee.

How long have you lived in Bangalore?
Almost 2 years now

Where did you grow up?

Do you like it here?
Yes, except for the traffic.