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Meet The Chef

Chef Vu Dinh Hung
Guest Chef, Shiro

Do you feel you have missed out on something because of lack of formal training?

In a traditional vietnamese kitchen I can lead my troops to battle with no problems. When it comes to a Western style kitchen with systems and processes, I appreciate the support of an experienced chef and team like Chefs Priyank and Aditya and their crew, at Shiro bangalore and Chefs Rahul and Vinayak in Bombay.


Do you like Indian food? What are you planning to try out?

I am already familiar with Indian food for having come to India several times in the past. And also thank to my Indian friends in Vietnam who have introduced me to the most amazing home cooking. I am now completely sold on your curd rice.


Tell us a secret about Vietnamese cooking?

Simple and fresh ingredients (bought twice daily at the market), fast wok cooking over a high flame, marination and the extensive use of fish sauce. It is rather simple food with not too much fat, and not very spicy. Chili is always served on the side.


How was Istanbul? What is the street food like?

Istanbul was amazing. It is the ultimate crossroad between Europe and Asia, with the best of both worlds with extremely friendly people. It is an amazing melting pot of culture and you can see that in the food.

Street food: you should try the Ramzi Kofte. One of my favourite meal in the world- Meatballs With Bulgur, Green Pepper and Yoghurt.


How do you like the current menu at Shiro?

I don’t want to step on my scale when when I go home!